The Blue Apple

Graphic Design experimentation and exercise.

In any profession, it can be helpful to periodically go back and read beginner books or take the beginner course.

I read GO by Chip Kidd. It is a fun book focused on teaching kids graphic design.

The book has projects at the end.
Project two is called “Color Your World.”

Take something you are used to always seeing in one color and then make it into something else.
After you are finished, play with it.

Photograph it on brightly colored papers, etc.
Make a design.

I made a blue apple.
Cobalt teal to be exact.
Here are some images before I painted it.

It was interesting to see how the apple changed against different colored papers.

Here is the final apple after I painted and played with it.

Seth Godin Leadership (Live Course)

I did these visualizations from the course and had around a minute to do each one.