I took a fantastic live course on Leadership with Seth Godin.

These images were created during the course.
There was about a minute to complete each one.

To understand some of the images, you may need to take the course, but most are self descriptive.

Think of what you appreciate when fear sets in.

Write your way over the bridge of fear.

Leaders paint a picture and have to be willing to be exposed. They focus on what needs to be there and create new strategies.

Hire round pegs for round holes. People want to be seen, needed trusted, respected, and present.

Remember Rule Number 6.

Stay calm and don’t take yourself so seriously.

Authority is about guns and badges. Responsibility is doing something even if you have none of those.

As a leader, failure of some sort is always certain. Nothing succeeds with everyone. You have to be okay with looking failure straight in the eye.

Leading is and is not personal. You have to care enough to put thing on the line.

It is not personal when your methods fail.

You, yes you, can be a leader. You don’t need any special sauce.

8 Leadership steps.

Ask yourself these questions in leadership. Someone decided to lead. Is it you?